Nakhonsithammarat Hotel

‘You can’t take it back’: Man arrested after shooting at hotel in Florida

By MARILYN CABRERA and TIMOTHY P. COSTELLOAssociated PressPresident Donald Trump said on Wednesday that the gunman who killed at least five people at a holiday resort in Florida earlier this month was a man who should never have been allowed to go to the country, but he defended the White House’s decision to allow the…

How do we get Disney World’s highest-rated hotel?

It seems that one hotel is going to be the Disney World hotel of the year.That hotel is the Wildwood Inn at Wildwood Village, which is currently the top-rated Disney World Resort hotel.The Wildwood inn is currently rated a four out of five star by Travel + Leisure.The inn is situated in a beautiful part…

The 20 Most Beautiful Places in America

“The beauty of New York City is the beauty of the people,” says The Times’ Kate O’Brien.“There’s so much diversity of tastes and interests and backgrounds, and it’s always been this place where the white, the rich, the hip, and the educated are just getting on with it, and people are just finding out that…

How to get into the Cocoa Beach Hotel on DFW, Dallas and other Dallas-area locations

Cocoa-clad travelers have the best shot at catching a glimpse of some of the most popular landmarks in Dallas and surrounding areas.And as you make your way to the hotel, there’s something for everyone.Here’s a look at what to expect, what to do, and what to avoid while you’re there.

Foxwoods Hotel to close its doors

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