The best and worst hotels for visiting Americans

We’ve been living in a world where our hotels are our best friend and our worst enemy.While you might have to endure a few of the worst of them to appreciate the rest, we can take comfort in knowing that there are some truly great hotels for everyone.The best hotels for Americans are listed below,…

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We’ve been living in a world where our hotels are our best friend and our worst enemy.

While you might have to endure a few of the worst of them to appreciate the rest, we can take comfort in knowing that there are some truly great hotels for everyone.

The best hotels for Americans are listed below, along with our picks for the worst.


Hilton Head hotels: The first place we should be heading is to a room in the hotel’s luxurious, outdoor pool, where guests can enjoy a private poolside BBQ, a view of the city from the top of the tower and a view down the hallway.


The Mandarin Oriental Hotel: The Mandarin has a reputation as one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, but when you get there, you are left with a beautiful hotel pool, a private balcony with private seating and a nice view of downtown Houston.

The room itself is spacious and the view of Houston from the poolside is gorgeous, but the views down the hall are not.


Marriott Marquis Houston: The Marriott Houston is a modern hotel that is just a bit more upscale than the Mandarin Oriental, with a much more upscale hotel pool with an outdoor pool overlooking downtown Houston and a private dining room.

The poolside view is a bit of a downgrade, but it is still a great place to spend an afternoon.


Marriott Suites: The suites at the Marriott Suite are some of the best suites in the city, with the view down onto the city and a beautiful rooftop view that is an excellent location for a sunset terrace.

The suites are spacious and open for private dining, but if you want to go a bit out of the way, you can still have a private terrace view of Downtown Houston.


Marriott Grand Hyatt Houston: This is the best of both worlds.

The Grand Hyatts is an extremely well-stocked, well-designed hotel with a large rooftop pool and some of Houston’s best views.

The view down into the city is beautiful and the hotel pool itself is gorgeous.

The hotel is located just outside of downtown, and you can see the Houston skyline from it.

The views down into downtown are also great, especially during the spring.


Marriott Westin Houston: A hotel in downtown Houston with the best views of downtown is the Marriott West in the Westin hotel.

You can enjoy the views of Houston and the downtown skyline from your suite, and the rooms have a great view down toward the city.

If you want more of a private, private balcony view of your hotel, you have to go the Marriott hotel in the Marriott Houston, but that’s not a bad deal.


Marriott Houston: You can choose from several of Houston hotel suites, with room options in the lobby, spa, dining rooms, dining room with private fireplace and so on.

The spa room is the most expensive, but a large outdoor pool view is nice.


Marriott Waterfront Houston: Houston has a beautiful waterfront, with beautiful views of the downtown, downtown skyline and the cityscape.

The lobby area has great views of Downtown, the Hilton Houston and other downtown restaurants.

The Westin is located in the Hilton’s new Waterfront Hotel, and if you need more privacy, there is an indoor patio.


Marriott Hotel Houston: As the hotel that serves the Hilton Head, the Marriott Hotel in the Waterfront is the hotel of choice for Houstonians.

The spacious lobby area is surrounded by a beautiful view of both downtown and downtown Houston, with plenty of outdoor seating.

Rooms are spacious, and there is also a large pool view.


Marriott Garden City Houston: Another popular hotel in Houston, the Garden City hotel is one of Houstons most popular hotels, with two restaurants and a bar inside.

The large outdoor patio and indoor pool are ideal for relaxing, and a large, private patio with a private fireplace is great for watching movies.

If that sounds like your kind of hotel, then the Marriott Garden is your next choice.


Marriott Downtown Houston: Marriott Downtown is the only hotel in Downtown Houston that offers an indoor pool, and it is great.

The indoor pool area is large and open, and with the hotel suite, the outdoor pool is the perfect place to watch a movie.

You also get an outdoor terrace, but in a much better location.


Marriott Austin: The Hotel Austin in Austin is a popular Houston hotel that has a large indoor pool and patio.

The patio area is very large, and even has a view to the downtown area.

The outdoor terraces are large, with great views.


Marriott Tower: The hotel tower in the Tower is the first hotel in Midtown Houston that has an indoor rooftop pool.

The rooftop pool is a great location for relaxing or just watching a movie, and is a wonderful place to enjoy the view from.


Marriott Towne Center Houston: It’s hard to choose a

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